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Coronavirus, Enroll In These Premium Courses Being Offered For Free Amidst Covid-19 Crisis

Let’s be honest, these are not normal times.

Coronavirus has killed thousands of humans and infected hundreds of thousands in a span of 2 months! The fact that coronavirus is spread from person to person making it highly contagious is quite worrying. That’s why social distancing is important. Staying at home is no longer an option but a humanity requirement. Stay Home. Save Humanity!

In the wake of Covid-19, most industries have started laying off workers. Workers’ most hard-hit area those who are in the hospitality, travel, transportation, food and day to day retail industries.

“In every crisis, there is an opportunity”, take it as you may but some online learning companies and online entrepreneurs are offering their premium courses for free. Some of these courses retail from $39 to $799! Their aim is to help those who want to start working from home, sustain themselves and learn a new skill during the coronavirus outbreak.

Covid-19 will be defeated. Make sure you have added kindness, neighborliness, and new skills when the storm is over. So let’s get started!

1.Access LinkedIn’s Work Remotely Learning Path (16 Courses,13 hours)

LinkedIn users can only access LinkedIn learning by buying a monthly subscription of $29.99. That is quite an investment. Actually LinkedIn pricing might be justified to some but to many, that price is too high especially if you compare it with Udemy.

Goodnews, to help you cope with the ongoing crisis, LinkedIn has decided to give you access to one of their learning path. It’s a sweet deal, to be honest. You get access to 16 courses, that’s 13 hours of free premium learning.

LinkedIn learning path has tons of expert-curated content that you will have access to for free. When you’re done you’ll have earned a badge of completion.

Access the LinkedIn learning path before the offer ends: LinkedIn Learn Remotely

2.Access Moz Academy Courses for free (Hurry! Offer Ends 31st March)

SEO is Moz and Moz is SEO. For those who might not know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about visibility of a website, such visibility needs an increase in quality and quantity website traffic.

Moz is one if not the best authority of the SEO industry. With this offer, you will get access to most of their highly-priced courses. Some of their courses are sold at a whopping $595!

To get access to this awesome deal, hover over to the link I will provide below. Register a free account, select any course, click ‘Purchase’ and input this code: WEGOTTHIS to check out. Add as many courses as you desire, check my courses in the screenshot below. Taking full advantage of this offer 😍.

Ps. Their SEO Essentials Certificate (Series) is not included in this generous offer, but all the other courses are up for taking.

Pss. Adds as many courses as you desire. Once you have made a purchase go back and repeat the process and don’t forget to add the discount coupon code: WEGOTTHIS.

Before 31st March: Access Moz Academy Courses

3.CXL-MiniDegeree Program

Has Covid-19 affected your livelihood? Are you currently out of work? Have you been laid off and want to seek a career change?

If the answer is yes to all the above questions then you’re in luck because CXL has an amazing mini-degree offer. CXL is aiming to help people all over the world whose career has been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

From their website they claim, “Our mission at CXL Institute is to help marketers become great at what they do. That includes helping determined people who want to make a career change”. Just enroll for the free course and see whether they live to their promise.

If you were looking to switch to a marketing career or add more skills and certification, then this is your opportunity. This time of crisis, a lot of free time and self-isolation might be the right time to take one or more of their digital marketing courses.

The courses on offer are Digital Analytics, Conversion Optimization, and Digital Psychology and Growth Marketing Minidegree. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate.

Quickly register for CXL Minidegree

4.Oberlo 101: Get 7 Hours Of Learning Drop Shipping Business

Ever wanted to start your own dropshipping business? Dropshipping = running an e-commerce store without inventory or handling shipping. In essence, a drop shipper is a ‘broker’ if you like. We all know brokers make the most profit more than the producers of the product.

Oberlo is a Shopify app that helps you find products to sell through the platform by connecting your store with ready suppliers. The good guys at Oberlo are offering this premium course for free (worth $49), just to give you a head start as you plan on starting your dropshipping business.

This dropshipping course teaches everything around starting and running a successful online store.

The course covers topics like:

➡️Finding great products to sell online and determining winning niches

➡️Setting up a Shopify store and how to sync products and supplier

➡️Crafting highly converting product pages

➡️Everything on managing successful Facebook ads

This course has a one-month enrollment period, once you enroll you will have lifetime access to it. To get the dropshipping course, use the coupon code: LEARNFROMHOME when you’re checking out.

Make sure you enroll for the lifetime access just before 30 days end: Oberlo Dropshipping Free Premium Course

5.Access Scribd’s Learning Resources Free For 30 Days

Scribd has one of the biggest collection of resources that can help you build your business, improve your personal growth, assist in body fitness, and offer entertainment. The resources comprise of audiobooks, documents, magazines, and bestseller books.

Ordinarily, Scribd requires a user to enter their credit card for them to access their trial version. I for one hate that requirement, but this offer does not need a credit card. All you will need is an email address.

Now, depending on your interest there is a mountain of resources for every niche. I can assure you that you will be overwhelmed by the abundance of resources you can read and download.

Grab your 30 days of free Scribd Resources

6. Get Access to Skillshare Courses free for 60 days

Skillshare is a quickly expanding platform with tons of useful courses that you can take while in self- isolation. Depending on your interest, you can start with courses related to your work and earn certificates or learn a new skill.

Coronavirus crisis has rendered many people jobless and the lucky ones have huge salary pay-cuts. Skillshare has an immense collection of 22,000+ courses you can take advantage of. They usually charge a $99 annual fee.

After you get familiarized with the courses, you can take the teacher challenge. As per their website, a top-earning Skillshare teacher earns $100,000 per year. That’s a tremendous amount of money that can certainly help you and your family outlast the Covid-19 menace.

I can recommend some of the following courses among many:

➡️ Going Freelance: Building and Branding Your Own Success

➡️ E-Commerce Essentials: How to Start a Successful Online Business

➡️ Art of the Start: Turning Ideas into High-Growth Business

➡️ Social Media Marketing: Top Tips for Growing Your Followers & Going Viral

Access Skillshare for free by following this link: Skillshare 60 Day Free

7. Ahrefs Blogging for Business Premium Course (worth $799)

Just like Moz, Ahref is an authority in the world of SEO. This is one of the most extensive SEO courses available. The price tag to many SEO enthusiasts is well worth it. I was really astounded that Ahref was offering their all-time prime course for free!

Anyone who wants to start a blog has to enroll in this course. The course has 10 top-notch lessons that show you how to make your blog an authority in your niche, how to grow your blog, how to analyze traffic, how to find great content amongst others.

Even better, Ahref has made it, even more, easier for you to access the premium course. There is no purchase option, you don’t need to enter your credit card or any payment gateway, you don’t even have to enter an email address.

All they require from you is your time, concentration and desire to learn. These guys are undoubtedly giving back to the community during such a coronavirus exigency.

Get started by going to the Ahrefs Business Blogging Link

8.Grab 15+ Poynters Journalism Courses For Free

Poynter Institute is one of the world’s most influential schools for journalists. The institute runs News University, a renowned learning platform that offers over 100 journalism programs.

The institute is now opening access for a short time for some of its journalism self-directed programs. To access the courses, you will need to click the course and use the coupon code during check out: 20COLLEGE100.

To access any program, follow these steps:

➡️ Register for a free account:

➡️ Log into your account. When you are ready to purchase a course, click on the “Add to cart” or “Buy Now” button.

➡️ A yellow bar indicates the item successfully added to your cart. If you want more programs, click Continue Shopping.

➡️ Next, enter your coupon code and hit the Apply button for it to take effect.

➡️Use the coupon, 20COLLEGE100 in the coupon code and hit the apply button for the discount to take effect.

➡️ After you’ve enrolled, hover on your username at the top right to display a dropbox, then click on my courses.

Some of the most popular programs on offer include:

⏩ Broadcast Writing: Write Like You Talk

⏩News Literacy Primer: How to Evaluate Information

⏩ Audience Analytics for Reporters

⏩ A Reporter’s Guide to Getting It Right

⏩ Target and Engage Your Audience: Digital Experiences That Drive Results

9.Free Access To Data Science Courses By 365Data Science

For data science practitioners, your time you take up an exciting opportunity to learn more in-depth skills is here.

It seems coronavirus demands multiple approaches to finally defeat it through learning. This hopefully transmutes to spending more hours indoors thus reducing human contact and boom! Covid-19 will disappear.

365 Data Science has unlocked it’s membership till the 15th of April. All of their courses will be accessed completely free. No credit card required, just your email address.

The program contains 21 topics which include the following:

⏩ Customer Analytics in Python

⏩ Advanced Microsoft Excel

⏩ SQL + Tableau

⏩ Machine Learning in Python

⏩ Intro to Data and Data Science

All you need is to sign up for a free account and you will get Access To All Topics

10.Online Business Master Learning Path by BitDegree

The online business master learning path is designed to help you become an online entrepreneur and ways to earn money online. There are many options to choose from, such as; affiliate marketing, dropshipping, blogging, etc.

The BitDegree learning path will assist you to find out how to transform your skills, time and ideas into profit. In the process, you will achieve priceless insights on productivity, time management, and maximizing your earnings.

Some of the courses you will learn are:

⏩ Learn How to Start A Successful Dropshipping Business in Only 1 Hour

⏩ Secret Formula How to Buy from Alibaba for Your Dropshipping Business

⏩ How to Start an Online Business & Become a Successful Entrepreneur

⏩ How to Sell on Amazon: Take Your Business to The Next Level

⏩ Learn How to Make Money Blogging: The Secret Formula That Works

⏩ Find Out How to Monetize a Blog and Create Engaging Content in 2 Hours etc.

Ready to get started with this course? Access BitDegree Learning Path

When the coronavirus pandemic is over, come out with new skills. Enroll in any of these premium courses being offered for free. Be ready for a new remote job, freelance career, add a new certification to your resume.

Help kick out Covid-19 by learning something new. Stay home. Be safe. Save Humanity.

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