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12 Unique Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spruce Up Your Social Media Campaigns

Every social media manager faces a never-ending challenge; curating quality yet creative content. Coming up with fresh and engaging social media marketing ideas is not an easy feat. Your audience looks to your brand to provide interesting content on a regular basis.

Not only do you need to provide creative content but you also need to provide great social media content throughout the year, 365 days of engaging posts! We have put together a useful list of interesting social media marketing ideas that you can actively use to engage your followers or fans.

Remember, it is also handy to know what type of content is best for which social media platforms. Given the many social media platforms used by your fans, creating content geared to such platforms will be vital.

  • Instagram – high-quality images, quotes, nicely curated short videos,
  • Twitter – facts, news, hot topics, blog posts, politics, GIFs,
  • LinkedIn – career-related content, job offers, industry news, company news/launch/startups,
  • Pinterest – DYI content, infographics, style inspiration, recipes,and projects.
  • Facebook – works well with video and captivating images,

General Rule of Thumb: Be consistent, and take into account national or international holidays/events. Be creative.

Without further ado, let’s jump into our list of favorite social media marketing ideas.

1. Hold a Contest or Giveaway

People love freebies that’s the reason why sweepstakes are a favorite to many. Giveaways are a great way to engage your fans and followers while endeavoring to increase exposure and expand your audience. In fact, running a contest is one of the easiest ways to grow your social media platforms. Giveaways are also very cost-effective and in-expensive as compared to traditional channels of marketing. Asides from saving money, you get to give back to your fan base as an appreciation for their loyalty to your brand.

2. Share User-generated Content from your Followers and Fans

UGC or user-generated content is a potential goldmine for brands that want to make their customers feel appreciated. There are high chances your followers will feel seen or heard because UGC contribution comes directly from them thereby allowing you to make a connection and speak to them instantly.

Usually, consumers trust content from an ordinary person more than they do from companies. This the reason why referral leads or sales might be higher than direct sales campaigns done by brands. Customers are more likely to trust the average person, and a huge percentage of consumers trust other consumer recommendations. This is why user-generated content is a superb social media marketing idea. Not only does it show fans how great your brand is but also generates leads and sales in the end.

3. Enable Top Fan Badges

A top fan badge is displayed next to the user profile name along with a star symbol. This badge is Facebook’s way of recognizing the most active followers, motivating them and increasing Facebook page engagement. It’s a sort of reward or achievement that your fans get by interacting the most and staying active on your page. All these are not possible if you do not enable the top fan feature on your Facebook fan page or group.

A top fan status will help your fans stand out among the many people following your page and in return you will witness a surge in sharing, commenting, conversations, and overall page engagement. Having a top fan feature will enable you to view and track all the top fans and connect with them through Messenger.

4. Create “How-to” Videos

Creating short captivating videos is an excellent structure to use whenever you want to break things down for your audience. As a page admin, you might want to contemplate creating video tutorials or “how-to” videos. Such videos are eye-catching and appealing fragments of valuable content that you can post across social media platforms. This variety of video content allows you to break things down into usable steps, offering visual orientation along the way. Most social media platforms make it super easy to share such videos, which implies that you’ll have higher opportunities to present your content in front of new audiences.

5. Conduct Audience Polls

One of the quickest and easiest ways to engage your audience and discover what makes them tick is through polls. You can effortlessly create a poll on Facebook or Twitter to start engaging your audience on various matters or opinions. This can be a great way to know how customers feel about your new product, thoughts on your services on offer or their experiences with your company.Twitter polls lets you collect valuable information about user preferences so that you can adjust your strategy to improve consumer online experience.

6.Apply RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed gives your followers ways to keep up with their favorite blogs, news sites, and other websites of interest. In essence, an RSS feed allows you to provide drip fed fresh content to all your social media platforms. Such content is obtained freely by you which means you do not have to blow your mind curating new content.

RSS feeds are convenient ways to relay industry related information and updates that are relevant to your business. RSS feeds will enable you to boost traffic, increase views, improve your social media presence and cement your brand as an authority.

7.Post Video or Photo Testimonials

Who better to champion for your brand than your current clients? Video or photo testimonials are fantastic ways to show prospective customers how other people have found success with using your services or products. All you need to do is to request some of your best customers to offer a short testimonial about why they love your brand. You could even interview customers at trade fairs, events or their place of business. This will further legitimize the testimonials and increase brand validity.

8.Create More “tag a friend” Content

Fans and followers tend to tag their friends in the comments of posts that they think they will enjoy. A tagged friend might become a new page follower or even a customer. The more tags your content attract the more similar yet captivating content you should create. You should take advantage of this easy exposure by inviting followers to tag a friend that they think will enjoy or relate to the content. Posting relatable content will also increase your page views, time spent perusing your page and user engagement.

9.Reuse Blog Posts and Photos

You do not have to create evergreen content all the time. There are many of ways that you can reuse your content to get the most benefit out of it over time. Creating outstanding content doesn’t necessarily mean coming up with new ideas. This obviously goes beyond just sharing your website links to your social media pages. It can additionally comprise converting your content into different styles that can engage different audiences. Same goes to photos or videos you had posted earlier, you can transform their content to suite a certain post or event.

10.Share Pointers and Tips.

A good brand not only promotes its products or services but also assists it’s customers to better understand their day-to-day challenges. Great social media content reaches target customers better whenever they see a sense of care and concern from the brand itself.

Given the many challenges and difficulties facing people especially the year 2020, any bit of advice or helpful pointers can greatly change a followers mentality or their lives altogether. Sharing tips and advice that help fans and followers navigate any challenges is a wonderful way to manifest your brand awareness and develop stronger audience relationships.

11.Take Advantage of Trending Topics.

A huge driver of any social media platform is trending topics. Trending issues happen everyday and the first place to discover the details of any issue is through social media. Trending topics can offer countless social media marketing ideas that can help you increase exposure. Keeping an eye on what’s trending on social media is no longer an option. Most social media platforms especially Twitter and Facebook make it easy to see what’s popular on their platforms by offering a list of trending topics in the side bar.
First things first make sure you understand what trend is, also before jumping on the latest trend ensure it’s relevant to your brand. Trending topics tend to use hashtags, make sure you pick the correct hashtags and don’t over do it 9 hashtags are more than enough. Lastly, be sure to pick topics that can last a few days or weeks not topics that have little traction or topics that are majorly gossips. Go ahead and jump into the conversation, your contribution can help you gain a new audience for your social media platforms.

12.Run a Facebook Live or Live Instagram Story Campaign

One of the most compelling forms of content that you can use on social media is live video. There has been a surge in live video campaigns mainly because of the COVID-19 crisis as most companies opt to reach customers remotely. Live video campaigns have endless possibilities, you can hold a Q&A session, do a live product demonstration, do a live announcement, etc.
The real-time interaction of live video gives your brand authenticity, they are able to see that genuine people are working behind your brand. By using Facebook or Instagram live, you are creating a conversation and conversations build audience engagement. Every follower or customer wants to feel that they are highly valued, and engagement creates that feeling.

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