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Reasons Why Live Chat is Important for Your Website

In every business customer care plays a crucial role, not just support but a fantastic and fast response to any customer query. Excellent customer support has one objective: make it quick and easy for customers to get their concerns and problems solved effortlessly.

It’s therefore surprising that most websites in Kenya have not utilized live chat for their day to day operations. Live chat is usually integrated into a website and whenever someone visits that particular site a bubble pops up. A website visitor can open the bubble and immediately start a conversation with an agent in real-time just the same way a normal chat platform works.

Most businesses are under the belief that the already existing alternatives they have i.e., email, telephone, social media, and contact forms, are more than enough. They assume that a live chat solution will merely work as a connection between the buyer and the seller so there won’t be any need for such a communication solution. This is far from the reality of the digital world, out of all the alternative means of communication, live chat is by far the most affordable, most straightforward, and its response rate is high.

People prefer to message and chat, which is not up to debate. The success of Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and the traditional messaging app is evidence enough. Chatting is faster, familiar, and convenient it’s also affordable to the website visitor since all they need is an internet connection.

As customers live chat you on your website, they will be able to carry on checking emails, working, eating, or drinking their favorite Kericho Highlands tea while maintaining a conversation with you. This is by far the only customer service that fits a customer’s lifestyle.

All is not lost as some eCommerce businesses have been adding live chat support to their help desk software as it provides real-time answers to customers, making orders will be more relaxed, and potential customers can get clarifications as they shop for products. The probability of your website improving its conversion rates are higher if real-time chatting is enabled.

Ever wondered how you could get those valued customer reviews? Well live chat easily integrates that to your chat software. At the end of a chat you can politely request the customer to leave a review and since you provided a human touch by engaging the customers’ chances are they might leave a 5-star review.

The benefits of using live chat software are many, but here are some reasons for your business to consider one today:

(I). The first advantages are conversations lead to conversions: a considerable percentage of online shoppers or subscribers want to contact a real person before buying a product or service. The more elaborate, persuasive, and quick to answer questions forwarded by potential customers, the more natural it will be to close a sale. You will also be able to monitor traffic in real-time and collect email addresses whereby you can follow up with them later.

(II). An efficient live chat solution saves you money: the most fantastic feature is that you can have just 2 or 3 agents handling multiple chats simultaneously; hence, you won’t have to hire any more agents. Every organization wants to cut costs, save that extra shilling and invest it elsewhere, having live chat agents instead of your traditional call center agents or employing people who end up using even more resources is a dream for any business. When compared to a call center, live chat lowers the waiting queue and reduces frustrations from customers who might take forever to get connected through.

(III). It effortlessly builds long term relationships with your clients: a satisfied, long-term customer will less likely switch to another business. When a customer feels that his/her voice is heard and their concerns are addressed when they get to chat with a representative of the company, it goes without saying that they will have a stronger connection to your business and chances are that they will share their positive experience with others. Customers who have used live chat to buy a product tend to come back again and again, and because of their familiarity with your business and how it operates, they are less expensive to maintain.

(IV). When you have the upper hand on your competitors and stand out in one way or another, it gives you a competitive advantage. The business rivalry is here to stay, and having a unique advantage over other businesses is to die for. More and more companies are recognizing the need for real-time customer service by using live chat to stay ahead of the competition.

(V). Your staff will get more help, and the support team will also get support, it’s an active cycle that revolves all round and ensures every issue is resolved, and every concern is addressed. Agents can chat with each other and escalate more technical questions to staff members who give the correct answers to agents who relay the same to customers. This translates to issues being resolved more amicably and efficiently due to internally sharing knowledge. An agent can quickly assist a disgruntled customer through chat before the problems escalate to the public domain and reach social media where things can become pretty ugly.

Within a short time, little effort, fewer investments your business can easily provide high customer service through a live chat software.

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    6 April 2020, 10:31

    Great customer support can increase sales for online business. Live chat software is very helpful for easy contact with clients or customers.

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    10 May 2020, 23:40

    If you provide awesome customer support to your clients. It can increase sales for online business. Live chat software is very useful and can help for easy contact with clients or customers. Thank you very much..

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